Alanya is a charming and touristic district of Antalya province, which continues to attract tourists not only from our country but also from all over the world, maintaining its popularity increasing every year. There are many places to visit here; influenced by both the Cilician and Pamphylian ancient civilizations, this district hosted different civilizations as they passed through the tunnel of time. All these civilizations wrote their own colors, traditions, and histories here. Everything a tourist would expect is abundantly available in the district. The most beautiful beaches, hotels, restaurants, caves, castles, canyons, and delicious meals await you in beautiful accommodation facilities. When you want to be alone with nature and visit many historical places to rest your mind and soul, you will not want to leave our precious touristic city of Alanya in the Mediterranean region.


In short, when it comes to places to visit in Alanya, dozens of topics and activities to examine come before you. If you have a traveler's soul, there are many places to see in Alanya.


Places to Visit in Alanya

Among the places to visit in Alanya, the Alanya Castle comes first. The view from the castle offers enchanting landscapes that will fascinate everyone from seven to seventy. From the castle, you can see the beaches from a bird's eye view, and at the exit, mosques, cisterns, and tombs with their historical textures will take you to other worlds. There are places for tourists to eat and drink during the castle tour. Damlataş Cave, one of the natural wonders, was discovered 79 years ago. With its corridors the length of half a football field, stalactites that time could not drop, and stalagmites, it is one of the beauties worth seeing.


Historical Places to Visit in Alanya

Among the historical places to visit in Alanya are the castle and the Red Tower, Syedra ancient city, and Alara Inn are places to be seen. Syedra ancient city is built on a hill rising after an area full of banana gardens. It is estimated that the history of this place dates back to 700 years before Christ. Besides the beautiful and historical view, you will also encounter original buildings that have managed to stand in some places. The fact that the city is surrounded by walls shows that efforts were made to protect it at that time. Since those times, people have been supplying the water needs of the ancient city from plastered channels. Another interesting location in this charming district is Alara Han, located on the banks of the Alara River, and a historical location worth seeing with Alara Castle, built by the Seljuks in the past. Aspendos ancient theater in the center will introduce you to the ancient architecture of the Romans live.


Red Tower, Alanya Shipyard, and Alanya Castle

Alanya Castle: Of course, Alanya Castle comes at the top of the list of places to visit in Alanya. Known as Kalonoros Castle in the Byzantine period, it is one of the most magnificent places in the Mediterranean. It is one of the castles that has been able to survive intact from the Middle Ages to the present day. You can visit every day. Summer period 08:30-19:30 (April 15-October 2) Winter Period: 08:30-17:30 (October 3-April 14)


Red Tower: Built in 1226 by the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad to protect against attacks from the sea, it was built by the Aleppian master craftsman Ebu Ali Reha el Kettani. It takes its name from the color of its stones.


Alanya Shipyard and Tophane: It is considered the most equipped shipyard established by the Turks until 1960 and was used as a shipyard until 1960. It is located near the Red Tower. Tophane is at the end of the shipyard. These historical places that you will deeply feel the history were built by Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat. First of all, he earned the title of the Sultan of the two seas by making Sinop Shipyard in the Black Sea.


Alanya Cable Car from the Air

Alanya Cable Car: It offers the opportunity to feel the city under your feet and to see the beautiful view from a bird's eye view. Thus, you also get an idea about the places to visit in Alanya.


Süleymaniye Mosque: Known as Aleaddin Mosque, Kale Mosque, Ortahisar Mosque. It started in the 13th century and lasted until the 16th century with its workmanship. The reason for this long period is that it collapsed as a result of lightning strikes and was rebuilt with old materials by Kanuni Sultan Süleyman.


Best Places to Visit in Alanya

Among the best places to visit in Alanya are Damlataş Cave, Syedra Ancient City, Alara Inn, Sapadere Canyon, Dim Cave, and Dim River, the famous Cleopatra Beach, castle, and museums. In the museum, which dazzles with its hall and garden arrangements, there is a Heracles statue made of bronze metal in 200 years. After visiting the museum, if you want to hang out a little more in the city center, be sure to see Alanya Marina. Taking a cable car ride is one of the most beautiful activities in the district. While every point is filled with the generous beauty of nature, you will embark on a journey through time with the historical structures and remains left by different civilizations that have survived in this district throughout history.


Damlataş Cave: Actually, it was discovered as a result of a dynamite explosion during the construction of the pier. Its stalactites and stalagmites are remarkable. It is known to be good for asthma. However, patients with asthma should still consult a doctor. It is Turkey's first cave opened to tourism.


Dim River and Dim Dam: Until the discovery of the Dim Cave in the 1990s, the "Damlataş Cave" was on the list of places to visit. But with the discovery of the Dim Cave, the "Dim Cave" sat in second place on the list. It is the most beautiful place for those who want to cool off and for those who are bored of the heat of the Mediterranean. It is 7 km from the center of Alanya. It is a wonderful place where you can have meals in front of beautiful views on the water in different restaurants. You can choose to swim and have fun in the aqua park.


Dim Cave: It is a cave where you will feel like you are on a mystical journey as you climb the stairs, with the magnificent view of stalactites and stalagmites that will enchant you. It is one of the places you must see.


Dwarfs Cave: It has an interesting legend. It is one of the magnificent places that must be seen while going to Sapadere Canyon.


Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon: It was put into tourism in 2008. You will walk on a wooden path and encounter waterfalls and plants. You can swim in natural pools of different depths and feel the coolness while walking. If you want to join our Sapadere Canyon tour, you can contact us.

Viewing Terrace: Belonging to the Alanya Municipality, you can sip your tea or coffee in cafes while